Nicole O-Pries, LCSW, CFTP

About Nicole

Nicole is on a mission to make quality therapy and parent coaching services accessible to anyone, regardless of where they are in the world. Each year, she helps clients and their families unlock new pathways to navigate challenges such as trauma, loss, and difficult life changes.

Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Family Trauma Professional. She has gathered widespread experience in helping individuals in New York, Washington, DC, Virginia, and in Central Asia. Her practice has included leading trauma and grief support services to both adults and children in diverse settings, such as crime scenes, hospitals, funerals, psychotherapy sessions, schools and community violence vigils.

For over a decade, Nicole has gained a reputation for her expertise in mental health, trauma and grief, parent coaching, and self-care strategies. In addition to providing services online, she also:

  • Works as an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching clinical skills to graduate students
  • Helps organizations implement trauma-informed practices and increase staff resilience through training and consultation services
  • Provides brief EMDR psychotherapy services in Richmond, VA

The belief that everyone has the ability to thrive after difficult life experiences underpins her practice. Nicole knows very well the challenges that you can face when life takes you away from your usual support circles and familiar faces, whether that be because of living abroad, or the emotional distance created after trauma or loss. This has motivated her to make services accessible no matter where you find yourself in the world.

When she is not helping others navigate ‘life’ she is probably dancing in her living room with her daughter or listening to nerdy podcasts.