Free Brief Counseling Offered to Richmonders Exposed to Violence in Charlottesville


August 15, 2017

Richmond area mental health providers are volunteering to donate free brief counseling services to Richmonders who were in Charlottesville last weekend. Counter-protestors and volunteers (medics, legal observers, etc.) can contact Nicole O-Pries at 804-601-6408 to  be matched with a counselor/therapist who has agreed to donate free individual sessions.

At the time of this post, 13 counselors have donate at least 3 sessions to help individuals navigate the immediate effects of exposure to violence in Charlottesville. We expect this list will grow in the next 48 hours. This is an informal network of counselors and therapists who want to support those Richmonders who showed up for justice in Charlottesville. Space is limited to the number of volunteers in the network. Please note that brief services may not be adequate for all.

Please pass this information to the people who need our support.


To be matched with a counselor: 804-601-6408


If you are therapist located in the Greater Richmond area and would like to donate sessions: