Parent Coaching:
Building Resilience after Trauma

Are you a parent who is struggling to understand how to support their child after a recent loss or traumatic experience?

After many years of working with kids and families during these most difficult days, I am convinced that with the right supports in place, all children can overcome the most difficult life events. And the most vital support is not a therapist. It is the support of their parents.

Parenting is difficult at the best of times. Parenting after your child has experienced trauma or loss is naturally, beyond difficult. Some people feel like they know what to do but just want another adult to offer reassurance, while others may feel completely overwhelmed and desperate for support and guidance.

Parent Coaching after Trauma supports you no matter where you find yourself on that spectrum. It teaches you the skills you need to support your child during his or her most difficult time.

Why Use My Services?

As a parent myself, with over a decade of experience helping families navigate trauma and loss, I’ve learned so much from the families I’ve spent time with. I have led parent and child emotional support services at crime scenes, hospitals, funerals, psychotherapy sessions, community violence vigils, and schools. I’ve been there during the minutes, days, and weeks after families have felt their most vulnerable and now I offer this service online to anyone, regardless of your location in the US or abroad.

Benefits of Parent Coaching:

  • You can access my services in the days and weeks after trauma anywhere there is an internet connection via a confidential, reliable video call and messaging app
  • You receive specialized guidance, tailored especially for parents and children dealing with difficult life events
  • You are supported by a skilled practitioner who has supported parents and children experiencing trauma and loss at crime scenes, hospitals, funerals, psychotherapy sessions, community violence vigils and schools

If you are ready to discover new ways to support your child, click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have specialized training in childhood trauma?

Yes. In addition to years of working with families after trauma and teaching mental health professionals about how to do this work, I have extensive training in childhood trauma. I am a Certified Family Trauma Professional and member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals. I also have completed Level 1 training in EMDR and hold certification in TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). You can learn more about my background and experience on the About page.

How does online parent coaching work?

All parent coaching sessions take place by phone or online video chat. You can choose which you prefer. We utilize a confidential video and platform. It works like Skype, but with confidentiality features that make it compliant with privacy laws. You simply click a link to access your online session. Click here to schedule a free consultation call to learn more.

What are your fees?

The Parent Coaching package fee is $249. This 3-session package will take place over the course of 2-4 weeks, depending upon your needs. It includes two 45-minute sessions and a 30-minute follow up session. While three sessions are enough for many families, you always have the choice to purchase additional sessions.

Is this therapy?

No; parent coaching is not a mental health service. I will help you learn more about how trauma and/or grief might affect your child. I can also provide information about when to seek therapy/counseling for your child, and what experience and training to look for in your local mental health providers.

Do you accept insurance?

Parent Coaching is not typically covered by health insurance. However, if you find your insurance will cover the service, I can provide you with a superbill that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement for an out of network provider.

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